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  • God is limited I did not make a mistake I didn’t make a mistake God is constrained for I know that is God speaking for I recognize the plans that I actually have for you announces the Lord   plans to prosper you not damage you plans to give you a desire and a destiny Jeremiah 29:eleven the only manner I can to justify this unique textual content and in which maximum of you   who are watching me in which you are in some vicinity of our existence is due to the fact God is limited that that has got to be it why because God says for I recognize the plans that I have for   you and for loads of us the plans that God has for us the ones plans aren’t happening in   our lives so I’ma say it once more God is confined and why is he confined he restricted because of you   if you don’t seize this you are not going to catch the message God listen to me for   I realize the plans I God says  I have plans to prosper you and so you just were given in some terrible   marriages you purchased a few horrible relationships you made some crazy financial choices you   ain’t residing the way you are supposed to be living your fitness isn’t in which it is imagined to be your   relationships aren’t any person pay attention to me some it is handiest two humans in a relationship you and God and so it must be that if God is alpha and omega   if God is the beginning to end if God is all-effective and all-understanding the handiest way.


  • I can give an explanation for why your lifestyles don’t appear like Jeremiah 29 is because you positioned limits on God if this text is right and God’s were given a plan for you and you purchased all type of   stuff in your vision board however some of the stuff ain’t going on you’re restricting God it might be proper in heaven however on earth God got a whole lot of boundaries   God got an entire bunch of limits and they all start with you God is constrained why due to the fact he were given these types of plans for you   he wants you to prosper he does no longer need to harm you he is got plans to give you wish and a future   and you understand it’s been 20 years on the grounds that you’ve been a Christian   10 years in view that you’ve got been a Christian and you’re not living this you’re take the bounds off of God take the limits of God take the chains off God come on allow I dare you free God up and allow him be   the creator to your lifestyles I dare you to unfastened him up I dare you to take him out that jail you placed him in.


  • I dare you to take him out of that that that that those walls that you erected around him I dare you   I dare you to take that cage off of God and I dare you ways dare you let God be God you realize God you understand God   you already know God and you to position the identical limits on God that non-believers put on him the cause why maximum of you cannot make your vision boards take place the motive why maximum of you cannot   get to Jeremiah 29:eleven is due to the fact God’s were given a plan but your tension is interrupting that plan   oh come to your worry is interrupting that plan your trepidation is interrupting that plan and realize how matter how large the scenario is not any depend how small   the situation is you ain’t analyzing the scenario because you understand that extra   is he that is in me than he it is inside the global and you know that some thing you lose amen   some thing you lose God were given some thing larger God were given some thing higher the bible says in case you want understanding   ask our generous God and he’s going to supply it to you he’ll no longer rebuke you for asking.


  • I want to go over that one again amen due to the fact you have been advised I had a child out of wedlock   I don’t should go to God you realize I became on pills I changed into on alcohol you understand something   the substance turned into amen I committed adultery amen I changed into abusive amen something it became somebody   instructed you that due to the fact you had been those things I failed to grow up in church you know I haven’t   always done the right issue I offered drugs I spent time in prison I turned into a assassin the bible broadcasts   hallelujah in case you need know-how ask our generous God and he will provide it to you he’s going to now not   rebuke you from your of your beyond he’ll now not rebuke you for the matters you did inside the past   he stated he will now not rebuke you for asking ask and it shall be given unto you knock and the door   shall be opened are seeking for and also you shall discover.


  • God is like who told you that and I’m sitting here telling you these days that many of you have got been being attentive to the satan a lot of   you been being attentive to human beings who have been used by the devil and it is time to be able to listen from God   the beneficiant God who will now not rebuke you for asking ask and it shall be given that you knock and the door shall be open are seeking for and you shall locate so   you do me a desire from nowadays ahead do not you ever say what God willed and will no longer do for you   do not you ever tell God how he feels about you do not you ever do that   don’t inform God how you feel approximately you don’t tell God uh uh what he’s going to do for you and what he   may not do don’t you inform God that God knows how he feels about you God is aware of what he desires to   do for you and also you do not have the proper to tell you don’t have the right to limit God   you don’t have the proper to tell God what he is it isn’t always going to do for you simply ask forestall   doing all of that prevent placing your self through all that simply actually ask and also you permit God determine   how a great deal he loves you you let God decide how a lot he desires to do for you you let God   determine.


  • How he wants to deal with your beyond you permit God decide that do not you make a decision for him allow me inform you some thing I do not care I don’t care what if you being pulled faraway from your   desires and goals it cannot be proper you cannot tell me it is right that God’s got all of   those guarantees for you that God got this life for you you can not inform me it’s right   that God were given a majority of these plans and also you failed to observe anyone else gambling for your lifestyles   and it ain’t taking you within the course that God you can’t inform me it truly is right that process didn’t name you and told you they bout to fireplace you   you purchased two weeks left they bout to dispose of you within the name of Jesus I’ve been there achieved that   I’ve been there done that if God allow him take it from you it method he were given some thing larger and   higher he were given some thing extra you now not hear what I’m telling you I ain’t telling you what I heard   I ain’t telling you what I study I’m telling you what I’ve been through   I’m telling you that there are folks who fired me and God stated son hurry up and p.C. Your stuff   and go away cause.


  • I were given some thing better for you son do not worry approximately it do not cry about it as   a be counted of fact after they fire you you higher get the fine sleep you’ve ever got in your life   purpose you are gonna need it when you awaken reason I got something for you it truly is better than that hurry up and get out that dating hurry up and get out of hurry up and leave that process they doing you a want they no longer hurting you they blessing you and you got to be at peace because that in some way God’s going to expose up God’s going to reveal   out and God’s going to show round you’ve got made it clean in the phrase what your plans are for us   and so if the ones plans aren’t taking place Lord we’ve restrained you the way dare us   limit the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords how dare us placed shackles for your toes Lord how dare   us put chains for your palms Lord how dare us Lord how dare us restrict you in our lifestyles   help us Jesus help us Jesus to take off the shackles and will let you run free in our life Lord   in reality no limits Lord virtually no boundaries Father.



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